Sally D. Hickman

Recently I was honored  to learn from two well known landscape artists who inspired me to identify my artistic passion and style.

After much study  I realized I’m drawn to simple atmospheric mysterious landscapes, often devoid of much color – probably the influence of my many gray years spent in Michigan   I like to occasionally soak in theses psychically charged environments and challenge myself by going ” off road” to paint a tonal scene that’s both technical and complex.

My winters are now spent cloaked with the sublime beauty of South Carolina with it’s sleepy marshes and ever changing skies. But my heart and soul invariably return to those moody and northern horizons, influenced by memories of pastoral farmlands and  wealth of water that are ingrained in my being.


                   Workshops:  Chris Groves               Mark Horton

                                      Nancy Bush               Michael Workman

                                      Terry Miura               Mark Hanson

                                      Qiang Huang              Linda St Clair

                                      Dee Beard                  Dean Karen Jurik

                                      Ken Backaus              Virtus  Gale