Nancy Boyd

Nancy Boyd has lived from coast to coast, traveled from Singapore to Marakesh, been an antiques dealer, sung opera and recitals, restored antique houses, and now makes one of a kind jewelry. She is strongly influenced by ancient and tribal cultures—the Masai women, Native Americans, the Berber—and the universal desire for adornment. Her work draws on the past, with antique objects in contemporary settings, or a newly crafted silver piece with the look of an heirloom.


Taureg (North Africa) Southern Cross pendant, natural coral, agate and sterling beads

The Calder Pin, sterling silver knot terminating in 14K gold disc

Carved ivory and coral with 14K barrel clasp

Antique Camelian with amber, tourquoise and sterling beads

Smokey Quartz

Natural Coral with Silver

Landscape Cuff