Jaime Rose Farreh

Jaime Rose Farreh is a native New Englander who hails from the north Boston area near Salem and Peabody and currently resides in Savannah, GA. She is a graduate of The New England school of Photography where her course work included both traditional film and darkroom processes as well as digital photography and imaging.

Her work focuses on landscape images, initially shooting nature; however in recent years Jaime Rose has shifted to night time photography. As her familiarity with techniques used for night shoots has expanded her work has shifted to a more urban landscape exploring the historic downtown district of Savannah.

Her prints are printed using a traditional c41 silver emulsion process on archival quality paper that allows for crisp, vivid prints that will stand the test of time. Although she utilizes some post production techniques in Photoshop to help correct color, contrast, and some minor cropping issues, Jaime Rose is a firm believer that most of the work should be done in camera to allow for the most accurate shots possible.


Lucas Theater

Mata Hari’s Alleyway

Queen Mary Riverboat


Owens Thomas House